Escort girl in Amsterdam
07 Feb 2021

Discretion is very important to me, as is compatibility. I want to be able to authentically provide what you are looking for. I want us to to have a mutually enjoyable time and that means taking the time to ensure we are the right fit.

I am well travelled and whilst being cultured and well educated, I am still approachable and unpretentious. Currently in Post Grad education and I can’t lie, this is great financial support, but I love who I get to meet and the memorable experiences we have together. If this all sounds like your cup of tea, check out my site for more information and then send an email introducing yourself.

I’m a down to earth escort in Amsterdam, and don’t enjoy playing false roles or contrived personas, I want to meet you and be able to be myself (and hope you feel you can do the same), so whilst I am always discreet and professional, I also don’t want to feel like I am at dinner with my boss! So expect a real person, not the fembot fantasy.